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Rainbow Bridge Pet Crematory

Compassionate Aftercare for Pets & pet cremation

Large Animal Pick-Up and Cremation

Rainbow Bridge has been in the small animal  business for 20 years and have always shown much respect to the pets we pick up. Having horses of our own and seeing the process of removal after your horse passes on, we've thought there has to be a better way. Many horse owners can not watch or even be on property when the removal service takes place and being a large animal, this can be traumatic for everyone. We have come up with a removal service that will be less stressful on the animal and owner. Pulling up in a horse trailer that has been designed for transporting and loading large animals, supplied with all the equipment needed for any pick up location. Equipped with a winch, straps and backboard, securing the large animal so that moving them is quick and easy. The backboard we have is designed to roll the animal on to, strap them down and winch them in the trailer. This backboard slides on any surface and is very durable too. The animal stays secured to the board in the trailer and is then transported back to the facility. The trailer also has a scale for precise weight of pet, so we can give owners exact pricing on  this service. We are not disposal and because of this, our pricing is higher. Taking our time to load and transport your pet is very important to us. 

Equine Transport Trailer
Equine Transport Trailer

Equine Cremation Options

Equine Return Package


Rainbow Bridge Ash Return Package

  • Cedar urn
  • Laser Engraving of Pets Name and Hoof Print
  • Grieving Literature
  • Cremation Certificate
  • Scatter Bucket
  • Lock of Hair

Options for Returns


Customize your Return

Choose your own urn from our store

Personal Engravings


Special Engraving

Engrave pets name, dates or nicknames of your choosing.

Your Horses Print


We take an ink print of the hoof and then scan into our system so we can engrave on urn

Pick-Up Vehicle & Trailer


Our pick up service is available 24/7. If the horse is in the back of a pasture or in a stall, we will have the equipment to remove with the upmost respect.